Regional Shop Local 855 was chartered on July 1, 2023. Local 855 was created by the consolidation of:

  • Local 509- Los Angeles and Southern California
  • Local 790- San Francisco and the Northern 46 counties
  • Local 742- Honolulu, HI- Pearl Harbor Naval Yard

Currently Local 855 membership is over 1000 members strong. With the history and pride of the Ironworkers of Northern and Southern California, and currently Hawaii, we look forward to a prosperous future with the ability to grow within the California and Vicinity District Council.

Local 855 represents workers and ensures that members the ability to work with the security of decent wages and benefits for all our families, as well as the dignity and respect they deserve. Our top focus remains safety, and producing a top quality product that everyone can be prideful in.

Our union skills are shown in our welding, fabricating, rebar fabrication, machine operation and painting and/or finishing of both ferrous and non-ferrous products. We also represent members involved in aircraft surface peening and raw steel distribution, as well as workers producing, maintaining and upgrading our nation’s Pacific Naval Fleet. As our industry changes our members ability to adapt quickly and change with them are unsurpassed.

As we look towards the future, we want to educate the members of the importance of organizing the un-organized, politics that represent our needs, training for industry needs and safety so we can live a long enjoyable life. It is vital to educate and elect new leadership to guide us into the future. We will organize together to help get the respect that hard working people deserve. Organize our competition to help our contractors level the playing field to secure our work and futures. Local 855 is ready and willing to represent any and ALL workers in the manufacturing sector!